UNESCO City of Music

since 2014

The Networking City of Music

Hannover is not only the city where the record was invented, the first music cassette was produced and the first cd was pressed. Hannover is also a place where the art of music and the music industry have always held a prominent position. That still holds true today: Hannover is still shaped by the diversity of musical genres on offer, from pop and rock via jazz to Early Music, and from classical to contemporary; by a higher-than- average employment rate in the music industry and by an excellent infrastructure in the area of musical training.

Hannover is a team player. We are a leading international trade fair location and EXPO city, so we love to welcome guests from all over the world. And we relish the fact that we are working together with Creative Cities all over the world, exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge, inspiring and being inspired.


One catalyst for the application was a study from Hamburg from 2009. It showed that in terms of localisation coefficients, Hannover is the number one music destination in Germany where most people are employed in the music industry compared to the number of people employed in the music industry in Germany as a whole. Our local music scene was intrigued by this result and together with the local creative industry business, the city council and many partners, Hannover applied to become part of the Cities of Music network.

As a City of Music, Hannover will focus on four key areas of activity:

  • Innovation – developing and promoting innovative formats of performance, communication, cooperation and exchange.

  • International approach – being a hospitable partner to our international visitors and guests, invite musicians from the international creative network, create events such as festivals, fairs and conferences.

  • Education – using the already existing excellent infrastructure to strengthen global cooperation.

  • Economic synergies – connecting partners from different branches of industry and musical art forms.


Geschäftsstelle UNESCO City of Music
Kulturbüro der Landeshauptstadt Hannover

Coordination: Alice Moser
Email: Unesco-cityofmusic@Hannover-Stadt.de
Phone: +49 511 168-36278


Facts and Figures

State Capital of Lower Saxony, Germany

First mentioned in a document dating back to 1150

204.15 km²

Population (City)

Population (Metro)
>1,1 million



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