World Wide Women in concert


An online concert series in solidarity with artists and technicians

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting restrictions for artists audiences and venues are fundamentally changing the music landscape. With the desire to support musicians sound engineers and videographers during this difficult time the idea for this project was born.

The participating artists each agree to organize a concert at a place of their choosing –that might just be their living room or a small venue inside or outside whatever is possible and what they prefer. In each venue an audience can and should be presentwithin the possible framework of the coronavirus guidelines.

The audience is far broader than this however since the concerts are filmed and broadcasted worldwide. Also we aim to connect the artists between through interviews that they do between each other. We will share those interviews as well as the concerts on different (social) media channels. We want the audience to be part of this process getting to know the artists through these very personal interviews and the intimate concert formats.We have realized two series of in total concerts with small intimate formats with female artists from Hanover (Germany) and around the world.

The wonderful international musicians performing in this project are (always Thursdays at 20:00h CET):

  1. La Perla (COL) | 16/10/2020
  2. Loli Molina (ARG / MEX) | 23/10/2020
  3. Faya (PRT / GER / ITA) | 30/10/2020
  4. Badi Assad (BRA) | 06/11/2020
  5. Sobi (GER/UK) | 13/11/2020
  6. Sara Alhinho (Cape Verde) & Gasandji (Congo) | 25/02/2021
  7. Erika Emerson & Tinatin (Germany) | 04/03/2021
  8. Mira Cetii (France) & Surma (Portugal) | 11/03/2021
  9. Ayom (PT/BR/GR/IT) | 18/03/2021
  10. MAYUKO (Germany) | 01/04/2021

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