City of Music Talk – Hannover


Hannover is a city full of music – and its protagonists have a lot of stories to tell! Hannover is a city full of music – and its protagonists have a lot of stories to tell!

We don’t just mean the artists who inspire others with their music on stage we are also talking about the people working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the City of Music Hannover represents a vibrant scene offering a wide range of music today and in the future.

To give these “hidden champions” a voice UCOM Hannover launched the City of Music Talk in 2018. In an informal format people from the Hanoverian music scene talk about their work their institutions and their careers. Gunnar Geßner project manager at the MusikZentrum Hannover and Christiane Hein head of communications and marketing at the Staatsoper Hannover also ask their guests about their personal concerns and dreams.

The series launched in cooperation with the MusikZentrum and run jointly with the State Opera since 2021 loosely presents the diversity of Hannover’s music scene from classical and choral music to popular contemporary genres such as rock and pop. Whether it is a concert or a festival a small club or a big stage – everyone gets a chance to have their say and to exchange ideas and network with the audience when the official part is over. We have summarized the previous talks in English to make the diversity of impressions they encompass accessible to the international visitors to our site.


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