UNESCO City of Music

since 2023

Since its foundation in 1550, Concepción has played a pivotal role in the economic, social, and cultural development of Chile.

The city boasts a longstanding musical heritage and a sustained commitment to creativity, blending tradition and innovation while fostering musical innovation throughout the community. Throughout its history, Concepción has gained renown as a musical city, rooted in a narrative composed of exceptional talents, music schools, distinguished ensembles, a growing industry, and passionate artists who breathe life into the musical scene.

Known for its universities and colleges hosting over 130,000 students, Concepción combines academic vitality with a popular culture rooted in rural and working-class traditions. As the cultural capital of the southern region, it embraces creativity through cultural facilities and public spaces. Concepción not only attracts established musicians but also nurtures and supports local talent, serving as the birthplace of renown artists throughout its history as Alejandra Urrutia, Claudia Acuña, Los Bunkers, Los Tres, Pablo Ardouin, Enrique Soro, Pablo Vergara, Cristian Senn, Arturo Medina, among others.

Music is at the heart of the city, enhancing the developmental possibilities that the musical sector offers through the strengthening of five key areas:
• City of Festivals • Internationalization of the local music industry • Strengthening of musical formation spaces • Music in the city • Contemporary Song Center of Concepción 


Natalia Echenique Espinoza
Focal Point Concepción, Chile
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Facts and Figures

Concepción, located 500 kilometers south of Santiago, the capital of Chile, stands as the second most populous metropolitan area and the primary economic and cultural hub in southern Chile. Defined by its coastal and riverine features, it emerges as a cultural beacon in the heart of the province, hosting a diverse array of murals, parks, lagoons, bars, tourist sites, and significant cultural centers in the country, such as Teatro Biobío, Casa del Arte “Jose Clemente Orozco” and the University of Concepción Theater, among others. 

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