International Festival of Awyar


Sanandaj Municipality and The creative city secretariat of Sanandaj organized the Awyar Festival an international music festival for the first time.

Soloists throughout the world particularly soloists from the creative city network are invited to participate in the festival online (because of the pandemic). The festival will be held seasonally and a specific musical instrument is a theme in each season. The festival is declared through a formal call and applicants could participate by filing and submitting the application form. It aims at initiating in line with the objectives of the UCCN Mission Statement.

Promoting peace culture among nations knowing the cultural and artistic diversity in the world and finding a universal discourse are the visions of the festival at the international level. The festival vision at the local level includes introducing the native soloists and artists to the world motivating the young generation to learn and participate in the world and art festivals creating an impressive and happy atmosphere for the people during the pandemic and creating a platform to initiate the future works.

This event intended to be held seasonally by the municipality of Sanandaj is organized in collaboration with the Sanandaj Music Association and Higher Institute for Knowledge Development and the Kurdistan University and General Directorate of Islamic Culture and Guidance of Kurdistan.

Exchanging mutual experiences to improve the knowledge of music art and creating opportunities to develop the music industry in the line of the creative economy are the other objects of the event. Additional and sufficient information is provided in the text of the call and the application form.

Applications close Friday 15 October.