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since 2019

Veszprém is a town that loves music. What is important to us is not only the professionals, the big names and the mass events, but we also strive to make music an everyday part of our life. We motivate amateurs and hobby musicians, because music builds communities and gives our inhabitants experiences to remember. We are happy to think about the bands that have grown up here, the Street Music Festival, VeszprémFest, and the Auer Violin Festival. We are proud to say that all stars who have once performed here like to return to us thanks to the open and music-loving audience.

Due to this openness we have a school in Veszprém where 400 children are learning folk dance. There are three parallel classical music concert series to a full house, and every weekend we provide concerts and electronic music events to 100-1200 young people.  Another result is that, relative to its size, Veszprém is a leading city in organising live music events.

We do not emphasize one single style or event but would like to focus on music itself as a tool of communication among people and communities. Participation is what actually counts, because we believe that music can make life better at individual and collective levels.

This is why we would like to create social areas for playing music, motivate learning to perform music, and bring inspiring events to the town. All in all we would like to simultaneously strengthen and widen basis (and also, if a pyramid has a wider base, its top can reach higher). At the same time, music and culture are both highly beneficial to the financial state of the town and tourism, and this fits the aims of ECoC 2023 Veszprém perfectly.


Our contact info:

Balazs Weyer
Focal Point

Anna Isola
International Consultant

Facts and Figures

Veszprém (pop. 60,000) is a city in Hungary, in the heart of the Central-Transdanubian region. The town lies 75 minutes from Budapest, the capital of Hungary; from north it is surrounded by the hills of Bakony, from south by the Lake Balaton. This unique location is one of the reasons of Veszprém’s diverse cultural life. Veszprém is the 16th biggest city in Hungary and still among the top 5 in terms of cultural impact. The town has a long history going back to Hungary’s first king, St. Stephen. For centuries, the queens of Hungary were crowned by the bishop of Veszprém that is why Veszprém is still called the “City of Queens”. 

Veszprém and the Balaton Region won the title of European Capital of Culture for 2023. It aims to broaden the selection of its cultural offering, to enhance its diversity, to further improve the international image of the city through culture and to highlight its specifically European nature. The concept includes several projects of musical nature.


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