World Music Day 2022, Sanandaj


World Music Day 2022 in Sanandaj, the creative city of music in UNESCO, has been celebrated.
The event was held by the cooperation of governmental, public, and social sectors. Barin Music Institute’s, music teachers and students of vilon played various international famouse of music tracks. The students of vilon along with their parents participated in the great event of Violin which was held at Azadi steidum, which was welcomed by the people and the virtual networks. It should be noted that such an event was held for the first time in Sanandaj and Iran.
The event was held on the remembereance of Hassan Kamkar who is one of founders of the music in Sanandaj city and Kamkar group in The world is famous and they have been able to promote Kurdish and Iranian music in the world. The colleagues of this event include: Barin Music Institute, The Secretariate of Creative Music City of Sanandaj, Municipality of Sanandaj, City Council of Sanandaj, and the other Public Organizations in the Art and Culture fields.