Announcing weRculture campaign

Artists and creative workers from UNESCO Creative Cities Network respond to global crisis with video messages.

With the appeal “Think Respectfully. Act Responsibly. we R culture” international artists and creative workers are creating video messages of support and hope.

Following the Global Call to Creatives by the United Nations, this campaign is a collective action of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network initiated by the Mannheim UNESCO City of Music (Germany) with the participation of Music Export Poland and the German festival Enjoy Jazz. The videos will first be published via social media. Those wishing to participate should download the project brief & assets from the Cities of Music website.

World renowned Jazz musician Archie Shepp (pictured) from the United States was one of the first artists to take part in the campaign and combines his touching and hopeful message with a short music performance.

Other artists and creative workers that handed in messages come from Portugal, Greece, Spain, Germany, USA, Norway, Czech Republic, Italy and Chile so far. Many other representatives of the global UNESCO Creative Cities Network as well as any artists, creatives and creative workers from all over the world are called upon to join the campaign. The videos will be published on the social media profiles of the participants and the social media profiles of the campaign (Instagram and Facebook).

With the claim Think Respectfully. Act Responsibly. weRculture we want to stress the importance of values like respect, and responsibility in times of global crisis. The capital letter R in weRculture represents both the word ‘are‘ as well as the values Respect and Responsibility.

With the campaign, our global community of cities show how we can provide creative solutions that contribute to the challenges that our populations face in this crisis – in solidarity and all together, in a creative world of different cultures but with the same values.


Press picture: Archie Shepp [Copyright credit: Christian Gaier | Download hi-res photo]
Instagram www.instagram.com/werculture2020/ | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weRculture2020/

Official hashtag: #weRculture

PARTICIPANT MATERIALS: Project Brief | Logopack 

UNESCO Creative Cities of Music: www.citiesofmusic.net

UNESCO Creative Cities Network: https://en.unesco.org/creative-cities/home

United Nations- Global Call to Creatives (Brief and samples): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17VNFRzBx5boNtzeg1STpnd5GJ-rLuAw0

Contact project leader: Rainer Kern | +49 172 6307403