V International Festival of Folk Songs


Kazan city is launching the V International Festival of Folk Songs and dance called Kazan Towel. The competition will take place on August 28-30 2020

First of all we need to mention that “Kazan towel” took it’s name form ancient Tatar folk song and it defines the glory of Tatar art and purity of human thoughts and spirit. Furthermore, Kazan towel is symbol of the Saban-tuy, one of the main festivals of Tatar nation.

The main aim of the project is to demonstrate diversity of national cultures all over the world, reservation and development of musical arts, support of talented performers and finally spiritual and moral development of Russian nationalities and beyond.

Wide diversity in age participation is one of the main advantages of this competition. Uniting of professional and beginner performers also need to be mentioned. 

For more information visit: https://saidash.ru/news/s-28-po-30-avgusta-2020-goda-v-formate-onlayn-sostoitsya-v-mezhdunarodnyy-festival-konkurs