Urban sculpture unveiled in Sanandaj


Unveiling of the largest urban sculpture in Sanandaj Iran

Sanandaj is the cradle of art and creativity. Famous international sculptors and designers such as Mehdi Ziaedini Fardin Sadeghayoubi and Saber Mikaeili are from this city. By employing their artistic taste and talent they made Sanandaj a special city and also by encouraging young artists they have led them to participate in different artistic events in this city. One of the outputs of their continuous activity in Sanandaj is to strengthen and develop the local arts and also using local themes in their works a tendency that can be seen also in the works produced by younger artists.

Various and brilliant statues have been located in the different parts of the Sanandaj city such as the main squares parks promenades museums and other cultural and artistic places such as the old mansions. These artistic masterpieces have turned Sanandaj a very beautiful city which is full of cultural meanings and prominent traditions.

The largest statue in Iran is located in the Abidar Jungle park which is one of the most important promenades in Sanandaj city. The statue has been designed and made by Hadi ziaedini a well-known sculptor in Iran. Its height is about 15 meters and made of metal sheet material. It is unveiled in a special ceremony with the attendance of the mayor the governor of Kurdistan province and the governor of Soleimanieh in Iraq (creative city of literature 2019) city council members and many other participants from public and private sectors.

Different artistic works statues and paintings made by Sanandajian artists are located in other cities in different provinces and countries. Sanandajian artists participated in many international festivals and their works were exhibited in many galleries.