Unveiling of Two Books in Sanandaj


Since 2019, the Creative City of Sanandaj has been committed to publishing books to inform and raise awareness following its entry into the UNESCO Creative Cities network. In this endeavor, two works, one translated and one authored by Dr. Ehsan Mardokh Rouhani, a writer, researcher, and member of the creative city team, were unveiled. Additionally, Masoud Talabani, an artist, musician, composer, and member of the Creative City team, performed music during the ceremony.
The first book, “Results-Based Management (RBM),” is a concise and practical guide developed by the United Nations for the socio-economic planning of underdeveloped countries. Translated into Persian by Dr. Ehsan Mardokh Rouhani, this book offers solutions to contemporary challenges, drawing from the lessons learned from previous planning strategies in the 20th century. RBM serves as a foundation for the planning of creative cities within the UNESCO network. Published by the University of Kurdistan, the book was unveiled on February 26, 2024, in Sanandaj.
The second book, “Sanandaj Musician Notables” (first volume), is a trilingual publication in Persian, English, and Kurdish. This book, which took four years to compile with the collaborative efforts of a group supervised by Dr. Ehsan Mardokh Rouhani, highlights the achievements of renowned musicians from Sanandaj. It marks the first volume of its kind, focusing on the biographies of composers, singers, instrumentalists, and music educators from the region. Released in conjunction with Sanandaj’s designation as a UNESCO Creative Music City in 2019, the book serves as a significant contribution to the city’s cultural heritage. The unveiling ceremony, held with the participation of local dignitaries and the Mayor of Sanandaj, received enthusiastic support from the Creative Sanandaj Secretariat.