Sanandaj unveils City of Music plaque


Unveiling of the license plate ceremony for the creative music city of Sanandaj

On February 4, 2021, coinciding with the 42th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution,

Unveiling of the license plate ceremony of UNESCO license plate on the wall of Sanandaj Municipality, which is one of the oldest buildings in the city, was held in the presence of government officials, the mayor of Sanandaj and cultural activists. This beautiful plaque is a UNESCO logo for membership in the Creative Cities Network and is awarded to creative cities by the National Commission for UNESCO in Iran in order to recognize the city’s activities in the Creative Cities Network.

Also on the same day, the Ferdowsi sidewalk of Sanandaj, which is one of the most prominent projects of Sanandaj Municipality, was inaugurated in the presence of the First Vice President and Mayor of Sanandaj and representatives of Sanandaj City Council and the Secretariat of the Creative City. This project is designed to improve urban services to citizens and to create an urban plaza that can improve citizen interactions and be a place for future cultural and artistic events in the city. The length of this plaza is 590 meters and its width is 24 meters and the whole street has been executed with a new design; In a way that is a relaxing, beautiful and attractive place for citizens.