Sanandaj Day


The city council and the municipality made decision to nominate the 6th Ordibehesht (26th April) as Sanandaj Day. The date coincides with the date of establishment of Sanandaj city in 1637.  Different related and expertise programs are held in the anniversary of Sanandaj day.  Such as last year due to pandemic Covid-19, most of the anniversary programs of the current year were held online. Despite of the situation all programs were well received by people. Numerous and different programs about music and other related creative fields were held following:

Online music concert in the both folk and classic sections was held through live Instagram which was viewed by more than 5000 viewers. In line with the research and academic activities to support the creative city’s aims, different expertise online meetings were held on the subject of Sanandaj city with the following topic: “Architecture and urban planning of Sanandaj”, “Kurdish music pathology”, “Constitutionalism in Sanadaj”, “Science, Religion and Mysticism in the history of Sanandaj”, “Compilation of Sanandaj Encyclopedia and Written Literature”, “Creative City, Opportunities and Challenges”, which are welcomed by the audiences.

Book unveiling was one of the programs special to the Sanandaj day. Diary by M. H. Sadat and From Sna to Sanandaj by K.Irandoost, H.Alizadeh and k.Habibi were unveiled at the Mashahir Park which is located at the Abidar Forest Park. The mayor, members of the City Council and some other managers and directors from public and private sectors were in attendance. Health protocols were implemented during the ceremony. 

In order to raise local awareness and knowledge, as well as in the line of the creative city’s goals, the portrays of music celebrities and figures were used as poster city for environmental advertising in Sanandaj city.