Sanandaj Day celebrated


The Sanandaj Day celebration was held in the presence of citizens, artists, musicians and civic organizations. This day, the occasion of the establishment of the city of Sanandaj in 1046 AH by the order of Suleiman Khan Ardalan has been registered in the cultural and artistic calendar of the city of Sanandaj. Every year, this day is held as a festival in the form of various programs. This year, with the help of the municipality and the Islamic Council of Sanandaj, these programs were organized in various ways. Cultural, artistic and sports programs in the form of celebrations, opening ceremonies, photo exhibitions, local and indigenous sports competitions, music in the form of flash mobs, book unveiling, exhibition of old business tools, specialized meetings, performance of monastic music with hearing Dervish Ghaderieh, the opening of a mobile library, a children’s painting workshop and the closing ceremony, including the performance of local music by young people and teenagers and prominent artists of the city were held. The ceremony, which was held for a week from April 26 to April 30, was held with the support of Sanandaj Municipality, cultural organizations, and civic and cultural institutions, and with the participation of artists, writers, and cultural activists.