Sanandaj Day 2023


Sanandaj Day was celebrated in diverse and attractive  programs for 2023.

Various celebrations of Sanandaj Day were held on April 26, which coincides with the sixth of Ardibehesht 1046 A.H, when the city of Sanandaj was founded by Suleiman Khan Ardalan.

In 2019, this day was announced as the “Senah” day, and various celebrations are held every year after that. In addition, this day is one of the commitments of Sanandaj city to the network of creative cities, which should be held in the form of various cultural and artistic programs.

These programs included the performance of folklore music, mystic music, holding a book review session, street theater performance, sports festival, book exhibition, children’s painting workshop, photo festival with the theme of Sanandaj and awarding prizes and memorial plaque to the participants.

In addition, more than five thousand citizens of Sanandaj, artists, researchers and the creative class of the city have participated in this program. Also, the programs have been carried out with the participation of civil institutions, government and private sectors.