Research Contract between the City Council of Sanandaj and University of Kurdistan


Research Contract between the City Council of Sanandaj and University of Kurdistan

A research contract has been signed between the Studies and Research Department of the City Council of Sanandaj and the Research Deputy of University of Kurdistan; this contract is about the Strategic plan of tourism development of sanandaj as a creative city.

The contract includes items such as investigating the actions and plans of the creative cities in the world and studying their impact on the urban tourism development, investigating the current condition of tourism industry (studying 47 cities around the world and the creative cities in Iran), analyzing the condition of music tourism in Iran and the world (analyzing the case studies), and studying and evaluating the previous and current situations of tourism in Sanandaj city.

 In addition, some other expectations in the contract are as follows: studying the infrastructures and potential structures, investigating the characteristics of Sanandaj in order to develop tourism, studying and analyzing related goals of tourism development in creative city agenda and five-year strategic plan of the municipality. Furthermore, the contract proposes some other research services such as Evaluating the cultural budget 2021 0f the municipality and its sufficiency for the creative city goals, studying and evaluating the office spaces of the City Council and the municipality in order to make them compatible with goals related to the tourism development of music creative city.

Finally, another important achievement of this contract is to present the strategic plan of music tourism development of Sanandaj as a creative city based on the five-year strategic plan. Additionally, presenting the twenty-year vision of the city and the municipality as well as preparing the vision plan of creative city according to the output of the five-year strategic plan [according to which the development projects have been determined and planned] are important achievements of the mutual contract.