Regeneration of Industrial Facilities into Cultural Space


In Daegu city, there is a surge of facilities stripped of their original functions due to the industrial structure changes. Many studies are underway to re-create aged or defunct industrial heritage facilities into a living social heritage.

As a part of the supports for cultural arts, the investment was confirmed to utilize as a complex cultural facility the “Ihyeon Stockpile Site,” an abandoned industrial facility in Ihyeon-dong which was put into use as a stockpile base for grains and fertilizers from 1970 and closed in 2017. It is expected that the facility will help promote the development of a balanced local culture and satisfy the demand for culture relishing, while offering a range of cultural art activities that makes the use of the characteristics of place, such as high story height and wide-open space. The facility will utilize the originality of gigantic and grand structures and integrate huge green resources in neighboring areas, being operated as a facility which, unlike a general performance facility, combines residence function with various cultural art creative activities that utilize the facility in and out.

The project started with producing a video that shows the expectation and hope for the new beginning of the Ihyeon Stockpile Base. The promotion video features the dream-come-true in the stockpile base, titled Episode 1 “Stockpile Base Soaring to the Sky,” which comprises of class chamber ensemble performances and a modern dancing.

Appearing in the episode 2, titled “A One Midsummer Night’s Dream,” are pianists, Daegu Philharmonic Orchestra, Children’s Choir, and Korean Music Orchestra, having many music talents in Daegu dream about the repeated music developments in ‘UNESCO Music Creative Cities Network’-selected Daegu Metropolitan City.

The staffs, who worked hard to produce the video, from Daegu Arts Center, performance planning and stage team of Daegu Concert House, and Daegu City Arts Group mentioned, ”The video delivers the message of hope, prosperity, and development of the bright future, and we hope that the participating city arts group and the supporting local artists help the pandemic-struggling community find hopes in their life along with cultural arts and the newly created space.”