Our Global Mantra: Women Worldwide Chanting in Verse, Song & Dance

Kansas City

A mantra of the women, by the women and for the women of the world.


Our Global Mantra is designed to be a simple and powerful daily mantra that every woman/girl on earth can recite and sing to her heart´s content. Feel it!   Become it!   Live it!

STEP1: Prepare a translation / transliteration of these 2 lines in your own native language or a language of your choice and embrace the powerful words and their meaning as your own.

STEP2: Create a tune for it and sing your composition.

STEP3: Make a small 30 second video recording of your composition.

STEP4: Send your masterpiece to a specific virtual space to be decided at a later stage and become a part of our growing world-wide campaign of expecting and accepting nothing but the EXTRAORDINARY in their lives, no matter what your circumstances.

Our goal is to take this initiative much further to include all the languages of the world, with the help of illustrious organizations like UNESCO, etc. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all those women and men, working selflessly in the backend and frontend for this project.

¨Let every woman and child expect the extraordinary in their mind. Let every mother, daughter and wife accept the extraordinary in their life. Extraordinary lies right beneath our eyes. Capture your extraordinary in the ordinary.”
– Anu Nadimpalli, CEO & Founder: 3am Inspirations

Bukeka Blakemore: bukeka.blakemore@gmail.com