Nowruz celebration held in Sanandaj


In order to celebrate Nowruz and in order to register Sanandaj as the Nowruz capital of the world, various ceremonies will be held during Nowruz. Also, holding this festival internationally is in line with the events of the Creative Cities Network program, so that a significant number of stakeholders, including artists, private institutions, and the public sectors, participate and the people of the city benefit from it and cause Economic dynamism and the expansion of cultural tourism.

The ceremony will be inaugurated in Tehran and after the ceremony will be held in two cities of Kermanshah, UNESCO Creative City – Gastronomy and Hamedan and on March 17 in Sanandaj. These days, in addition to holding music concerts, exhibitions of cultural and historical works, folk rituals of Nowruz, street music are also held in the cities of Kurdistan, especially Sanandaj, the creative city of music. This program is held with the participation of the Office of the National Commission for UNESCO in Iran.