New York’s Lincoln Center for Performing Arts to Showcase South Australian First Nations Artists


The Adelaide City of Music office celebrates South Australian music culture and strives to create opportunities across the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and beyond. With a strong commitment to supporting First Nations culture, the office recognises the power of music to drive change, unite people, and enhance lives, facilitating global opportunities for South Australian artists and music organisations.
Following a visit to Adelaide’s festival season in 2023 facilitated by ACOM, the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts was captivated by the performances and stories of South Australian First Nations artists. This inspiration led to the invitation of Electric Fields and DEM MOB to perform at their Summer for the City program on June 22.
Presented in collaboration with UNESCO Adelaide City of Music, this event is billed as an opportunity for New Yorkers to experience the future of music from the world’s oldest living culture. Electric Fields, fresh from representing Australia at Eurovision 2024, will bring their unique blend of traditional culture and electronic music to NYC. The duo, featuring Zaachariaha Fielding’s transcendent voice singing in the traditional languages of the Anangu people and the brilliant production of Michael Ross, creates music that spans from soulful pop to epic-scale electronic works and intimate storytelling.
For DEM MOB members Matt Gully, Elisha Umuhuri, Janta’e Dare, and Basso Edwards-Burton , the opportunity to perform in the birthplace of hip-hop is especially meaningful. Having just completed a national tour supporting Seth Sentry, they are also set to speak at the International Indigenous Music Summit in Toronto about the music education platform they are building for remote and disadvantaged communities.
Adelaide’s vibrant festival spirit and inspiring First Nations culture were key motivators for the Lincoln Center’s decision to incorporate this showcase into their outdoor summer festival program. The Celebrating South Australian First Nations showcase will take place on Saturday, June 22, at The Dance Floor at Josie Robertson Plaza, Damrosch Park, New York.
This prestigious opportunity has been made possible through the generous support from Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation of the South Australian government, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Carclew, Adelaide’s home of youth arts.
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Dem Mob, photography by Riot Media
Electric Fields, photography by Morgan Sette