Musical Conversation


Compiler Emre Dayioglu, who traveled from village to village in Turkey in order to record the instruments and music masters of folk music that has sunk into oblivion, and Petra Nachtmanova, who is interested in Anatolian folk music and the development of this music, especially around the concept of identity in the diaspora have participated to the event was held by Ahiler Development Agency. They sang the folk songs of the region and answered the questions of the audience.

Petra Nachtmanova is an international musician, originally from Poland, who devoted her life to the local instrument of Kirsehir and made a documentary film by traveling from Berlin to Khorasan for this instrument. On the other hand, Emre Dayioglu has an important archive that collects valuable instruments and musicians of Turkey. Public showed great interest to them and since the event was held free of charge in a central location, all groups in the province had the opportunity to access this cultural activity.