Music festival of Iranian ethnicities


“Sena” – The first music festival of Iranian ethnicities¬†

¬†“Sena” is the name of an old fortress, which was the origin of the city of Sanandaj in 1624 AD. This city is the birthplace of artists, scientists and prominent figures of Kurdistan culture and art in Iran.

In this festival, which lasted for 4 days in different sections, including street and group performances, a specialized panel and the closing of the festival, eighteen musical groups from different Iranian ethnicities were present. Parts of musical groups’ performances were held in mansions of Sanandaj, such as Kurd House and Khosroabad Mansion, and some specialized music panels were held at the University of Kurdistan.

At the end of this festival, the selected groups were honored and the key to the creative city of music was awarded to musicians, artistic and cultural personalities and the festival’s winners. In this festival, in addition to the participation of hundreds of artists, we witnessed the presence of tens of thousands of people and audiences of the creative city of music in various programs of the festival. These events take place in order to create social vitality and expand artistic tourism as well as the Sustainability and livability of the city. The government, and civil and public sectors were present in this event.