MASALA Weltbeat Festival


MASALA_Tony Allen2016 © Olaf Maikopf

In the UNESCO City of Music Hannover from 12th to 21st Mai 2017


The philosophy of the MASALA Weltbeat Festival is “diversity”, just like masālā, the fiery mixture of spices of Indian cuisine. In the main program of the festival’s 22 year-long history, 290 bands from more than 80 different countries have visited us. Music is at the forefront, but it is not just about the composition of sounds but especially about creating a language that everyone understands. In addition, workshops, dance classes, theatre, exhibitions, an extensive children’s and family program and, above all, the MASALA world market – outside and for free is the festival’s character.

The 22. MASALA Weltbeat Festival will start on May 12th, 2017!


MASALA_2016 © Thomas Langreder


The UNESCO City of Music World Marked focuses on bands of the cities of music network. This year, bands from Brazzaville, Bologna, Salvador, Bogotá and Hanover are on stage in alternation with dance groups from the region of Hannover. The audience can enjoy the range of street food stalls or look for handicraft and clothes on the bazaar. Sounds, colors, smells and treats from all over the world!

Sat 20 May

  • 15:00 dancing stage
  • 16:00 Christian Bakotessa & Black X (Hannover / Brazzaville)
  • 17:00 dancing stage
  • 19:00 Rumba de Bodas (Bologna)

Sun 21 May

  • 12:00 Yoga for everybody
  • 15:00 Marcia Bittencourt (Hannover/Rio de Janeiro)
  • 16:00 dancing stage
  • 17:00 Bahia Afro Groove (Salvador)
  • 18:00 dancing stage
  • 20:00 Doctor Krapula (Bogotá)


Bazaar – concerts – dancing stage

  • Sat 20 May – 14:00 to 21:00 + Sun 21 May – 12:00 to 22:00
    Andreas-Hermes-Platz at Pavillon

Outside and for free. The stage programme takes place under the slogan ‚UNESCO City of Music‘ and presents bands from Brazzaville, Bologna, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Bogotá and Hannover. In alternation with the music programme, dance groups from the Hannover and the surrounding region show dances from all over the world on the dancing stage. There is a kid’s area, where our little guests can tinker, draw and juggle. The audience can enjoy the range of street food stalls or look for handicraft and clothes on the bazaar. Sounds, colors, smells and treats from all over the world!


Christian Bakotessa & Black X

  • Hanover / Brazzaville
    Sat 20 May – 16:00
    Andreas-Hermes-Platz at Pavillon

Black X Christian Bakotessa_Han._BrazzavilleTraditional rumba music from Congo, spiced with Salsa, Merengue, Reggae and Soul, invites to dance with the magical power of rhythm and rousing joy of live. Christian Bakotessa has an incredible touching voice. For over ten years he is guitarist and front man of the Congolese band Black X, which was founded in Hanover.


Rumba de Bodas

  • Bologna
    Sat 20 May – 19:00
    Andreas-Hermes-Platz at Pavillon

They have a special preference for Brass, Upbeat Music and traditional Folklore. Besides, their main attention is on the combination of the different musical elements, by which an excellent mixture of Latin, Balkan, Swing, Ska and Reggae arises. The music of Rumba de Bodas is exceptionally danceable and encourages the audience from Italy to Britain and from Rumania to Spain to dance.


Marcia Bittencourt

  • Hanover / Rio de Janeiro
    Sun 21 May – 15:00
    Andreas-Hermes-Platz at Pavillon

Marcia BittencourtThe program „Anjo fugaz“ of singer Marcia Bittencourt from Rio de Janeiro and her band from Hanover is the best of ‘Musica Brasileira’: jazzy arranged ear-catcher, which go back to the rhythmical, harmonic and authentic musical traditions of Brazil. Her CD, of the same name as the program, unites Bossa Nova and Xaxado, Baiao and Samba.


Bahia Afro Groove

  • Salvador
    Sun 21 May – 17:00
    Andreas-Hermes-Platz at Pavillon

BAHIA AFRO GROOVE_SalvadorIn the African heart of Brazil, Salvador, Blocos Afros take over the position of the typical Samba schools of Rio de Janeiro. Blocos Afros stand for the traditional rhythms of the religion of Candomblé. All artists of Bahia Afro Groove are from Salvador and are musicians at the oldest and most traditional Bloco Afro of Salvador, Ilê Aiyê. Their show provides insights of the diversity of music and dance and will be exclusively enjoyable in Europe, with this line-up, for the first time.


Doctor Krapula

  • Bogotá
    Sun 21 May – 20:00
    Andreas-Hermes-Platz at Pavillon

Doctor Krapula is one of the most important and most influential Rock bands of Latin America. Their music is a powerful mixture of Punk, Cumbia, Ska, Hip-hop and Reggae with ambitious texts about social topics and environmental protection. The five musicians already worked in various music and social projects together with artists like Manu Chao, Ska-p, Seeed, Juanes and Café Tacuba. A rousing and euphoric live show at the highest level!