Love Sings


Love Sings is a global community singing project that has formed a virtual choir made up of people who have a shared passion for singing. Music is something that has always brought people together, and now more than ever people need to feel that sense of connection. In partnership with two Liverpool companies, Zút Media and Parr Street Studios, the project has recruited, recorded and produced a film of around 180 participants singing together.

The song that people are invited to sing, Love Sings, was composed by Jennifer John who says:

“At a time when a lot of people are feeling uncertain and isolated, the motivation for the project is to bring people together in a spirit of connection, co-creation and goodwill. Music is a powerful way of enabling people to express themselves freely and singing in particular gives people a voice in ways that inspire confidence, an improved feeling of well-being and encourages social connection.”

Liverpool is a vibrant musical city that has singing at the heart of its passionate cultural scene and Jennifer’s work with choirs across the city and beyond led to the inspiration for the song. Having worked with many choirs and singers in her 30 years experience as a choir director and music mentor, she has composed many choir songs that have a positive message

“When people get together and sing, it is an extremely empowering and uplifting experience and that incredible energy stays with people after the singing has stopped. Right now, I think it’s important to find ways of remembering that when we can share a creative experience through singing, it brings us all closer together.”

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As well as bringing people together through the power of music, the project is also aiming to raise money for two Liverpool based charities.

The Florrie, currently doing an amazing work checking on Liverpool 8’s most vulnerable and isolated residents during lockdown by delivering food parcels and cleaning products, doing welfare visits to check up on people, running online classes and giving out masks to help their members and volunteers feel safer.

All Together Now, a free Health and Disability News magazine that gives people who are affected by disability information about opportunities to improve their lives. If you want to learn more about how the magazine was created and the amazing story of its creator Tom Dowling, you can watch this beautiful video made by Zút Media.

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