Llíria celebrates it’s first year as a creative city


Llíria is currently savouring one of the sweetest stages of its rich multicultural history. The city that we all associate with a “Symphony of Cultures” for its brilliant Iberian, Roman, Arab and medieval past, and wrapped in the best chords of its prestigious bands, was recognized on October 31 by UNESCO as “Creative City of Music”. The capital of Camp de Túria proudly and responsibly assumed thereby the mission of raising the flag of Valencian music in the presence of the most important educational and cultural organization on the planet.

This year, the Edetanian city has earned the affection, respect and admiration of large cities from the five continents, with which it shares an ambitious common project, that is, to promote culture as the best way of local development through education and international cooperation and under the principles of sustainability, solidarity and equality defended by the 2030 Agenda.

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