Llíria And Praia, Creative Cities of Music, build closer cultural ties



Guitarist Rafael Serrallet, professor at the local music conservatory, offered two concerts and a conference in Cape Verde.


The music of Llíria has merged this month with the Cap Verdean music through UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The prestigious guitarist Rafael Serrallet, professor at the Music Conservatory of Llíria, visited this African island on March 19 and 20 with the sponsorship of the INAEM (Ministry of Culture) and the support of the Llíria Town Hall. The concert was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries and by the Municipal Chamber of Praia.


“It was a splendid experience. Cape Verde is one of the most musical places in Africa, despite its small size, and has a great Portuguese and Brazilian influence, which is why its music is so well known in the western world. Cesaria Évora is the most important icon of Cape Verdean music, a universal singer known throughout the world and revered in Cape Verde. In addition to my concert, I had the opportunity to collaborate with two high-level Cape Verdean guitarists, Kaku Alves and Manuel Candinho. I must admit that it was a real pleasure and honour to make music with her”, states Serrallet after his experience.


The guitarist gave two concerts in Praia, at the Auditorium of the Rectory and at the Palace of Culture Ildo Lobo. He also offered the lecture “Brief history of the Spanish guitar” at the University of Cape Verde (Casa da Música). Chissana M. Magalhães, from the Praia Municipal Chamber, expressed her satisfaction after attending Serrallet’s concert: “It was a real pleasure to receive a visit to our country by such a prestigious guitarist as Rafael Serrallet, and to be able to enjoy his music and his knowledge in vivo. We are also grateful that he has been able to travel here in such difficult circumstances for all of us. He was a magnificent ambassador for Llíria City of Music”.


Llíria and Praia will continue to strengthen cultural ties, within the UNESCO cultural mission, in the near future, after this initial path opened by Professor Serrallet.

Contact Llíria city of Music: cityofmusic@lliria.es