Kirsehir International Music Conference 17-18 May 2022


We invite you to the “UNESCO Music City Kırşehir International Music Conference” hosted by Kırşehir Municipality, jointly organized with the cooperation of Kirsehir Ahi Evran University, and which will be held face-to-face and online at the same time in Kirsehir on May 17th-18th, 2022. (The participation of our guests and speakers abroad to the conference will be online).

Our conference will have two different types of speakers: Scientific (academic) speakers(academic abstracts will be sent to “Prof. Dr. Kubilay Kolukırık” to and opinion/experience speakers from UNESCO music cities (Speech summaries from UNESCO music cities will be sent to “Oylum Oztas” to ). As the speakers of the scientific section, we will have speakers not only from our own country but also from various countries such as Japan, England, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan in the scientific committee. In the part of the conference topics, sharing the experiences and/or ideas of UNESCO music cities, we would like to hear about your own experiences and/or ideas from you or local artists/artists from your city or anyone from your city who wants to talk about it.

We hope that important exchanges will be made for academicians, educators, students and participants from different fields – together with the field of music – at the conference.

We look forward to speaking with anyone from UNESCO music cities around the world on one or more of the topics below, for a maximum of 20 minutes! (You can even talk for just 1 minute.) We want to see all UNESCO music cities at our conference on Zoom. This will make us very happy! Please join our conference!

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