Kazan celebrates Sofia Gubaidulina


Two online-concerts will be held in Kazan in honor of the birthday of the great contemporary composer Sofia Gubaidulina. The concerts are organized by the Center for Contemporary of Sofia Gubaidulina and Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME). During two days, 7 compositions of the composer from different periods of Sofia Asgatovna’s work will be performed. 

The livestream of the concert “Sofia – with love” from the Saydashev State Great Concert Hall will take place on November 6 at 6 pm CET (20.00 Moscow time). The concert is also organized by the Kazan State Conservatory named after N.G. Zhiganov, whose honorary Professor is Sofia Gubaidulina. 

The performers are the Chamber orchestra “New music” (artistic director and conductor is honored artist of Tatarstan Anna Gulishambarova), orchestra of the Kazan State Conservatory TATARICA (artistic director and conductor is honored worker of arts of Tatarstan Rinat Khalitov), Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME). Teachers of the Kazan Conservatory and winners of international competitions: Karina Gorbanova and Farida Nurulloeva, with the participation of percussionist Michael Kosov, will perform Gubaidulina’s organ compositions. MCME soloists will perform chamber works by S. Gubaidulina and her prominent contemporaries A. Pärt, V. Silvestrov, P. Karmanov. 

The livestream will take place here https://youtu.be/Xrf5GLbprkc

On November 8, at 6 pm CET (20.00 Moscow time), the second livestream will take place – the concert “MIRROR IN MIRROR” from the Center for Contemporary Music of Sofia Gubaidulina. The Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble will perform pieces by Alexander Scriabin, Sofia Gubaidulina, Alban Berg, Arvo Pärt and Anton Svetlichny. MCME also included a composition for clarinet and electronics by the young Kazan composer Liliia Iskhakova in the exquisitely selected concert program. 

The livestream will take place here https://youtu.be/T0U1ZDuLtJc