Hamamatsu has launched Global Sequencer. Everybody invited to play!


Hamamatsu, a UNESCO City of Music, Japan is happy to introduce you to Global Sequencer, a web app to have people in the world play with sound. It will stimulate your creativity. It is a project to aim connecting people across the world through sound under the difficult time, in which we are not able to travel freely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Yuri Suzuki, Sound Designer and Partner of Pentagram, U.K. is commissioned to have created this wonderful app.

Global Sequencer is a participatory type app. It can be used for free by anyone with an internet connection. It has two functions: “Playback Mode” where you can post your own sound for 10 seconds max, and “Sequencer Mode” (starting on 1 December 2021), where you can combine the posted sound randomly to create a one-shot unique sound, which can be recorded and shared through social media channels.

Everybody in the world can play with sound and contribute to a success of the project. All the parties such as UNESCO, Creative Cities and their residents around the world are invited to join us. The project will offer the world an opportunity to find possibilities of sound and to feel connected each other.

We wish everyone will join us!

Please click to join: www.globalsequencer.com