Fantastic Urban Travelling Troupe “Travelling to artistic spaces in Daegu”


Talented young artists explore long dormant cultural spaces!

The imagination of young artists, awaken Daegu’s cultural spaces!

Let’s travel to these cultural spaces in Daegu with young artists

An event will be held from October 12th to 15th in the Bukseong-ro neighborhood of Daegu. The people of Daegu are invited to experience the works of early to mid-20th century local artists as well as performances and exhibitions that have been reinterpreted the spaces their predecessors worked. The “Fantastic Urban Travelling Troupe,” a collaborative project between Daegu Metropolitan City, youth group Urban Wildlife Reserve Hula, and young artists perform recreations utilizing modern cultural spaces as a medium.

In and around historic Bukseong-ro, the arts–past and present—meet.

This showcase event is a journey back in time for the people of Daegu.

Pre-registered participants can stroll through alleys and cultural spaces from 2 pm to 5 pm and experience the charm of places where the traces of early 20th century Daegu can be found. They can also enjoy unique performances as participants on this journey.

The full-scale excursion begins at 5pm, a time when day and night intersect, suggesting the intersection of modern and contemporary times. The two-hour journey includes a visit to Kkotjari Coffee Shop → Daejiba → Gyeongbuk Literature Association → Muyeongdang, and finishes at On, a creative space where the landscaping and the hanok (traditional Korean home) are beautifully harmonized.

The significance of the Gyeongbuk Literature Association, which was formed in 1957 by Baek Ki-man, who is called the ‘archivist of both the culture and art world,” Kkotjari Coffee Shop and Daejiba, which was a gathering place for poets and local artists are all still worth visiting today.

Muyeongdang Department Store connects the Colonial Period and the Korean War of the 1950s as it frames the story of exchanges among different artistic genres between founder Lee Gi-mu, composer Park Tae-joon, children’s literature writer Bok-jin Yoon, and genius painter In-seong Lee.

Young artists who are currently active in Daegu were inspired by the stories of the spaces where older artists were active and interacted, and they recomposed and arranged the works in the forms of dance and contemporary music, pansori (a Korean genre of musical storytelling performance), vocal music, and jazz. 

One of the participating young artists mentioned that they want to respond as blooming flowers from the seeds of freedom that were sowed long ago.

This event is meaningful in that it reinterprets and presents the spaces and stories left by young artists in the past from the Colonial Period to the Korean War, where culture and arts flourished through exchanges, from the perspective of current Daegu young artists. Rather than remaining in the past, the cultural arts archiving project will continue to be researched and utilized and will set a precedent for using it as living content in the present and future.

Let’s open the door to these dormant spaces together. The fantasy of UNESCO Creative City of Music, Daegu unfolds.

Trailer of Fantastic Urban Travelling Troupe “Travelling to artistic spaces in Daegu”

In and around historic Bukseong-ro, where the past and present meet – let’s open the door to the dormant spaces, and see the fantasy of the city unfold.