Enhancing relationship with Scotland through UCCN and MiA


Adelaide has further built relationships with Scotland (specifically Edinburgh—City of Literature, and Glasgow—City of Music) through the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and Made in Adelaide (MiA) campaigns.

The Music Development Office (MDO) facilitated the music component of Arts SA’s international market development initiative Made in Adelaide, in Scotland in August 2017 as part of Edinburgh Fringe.

Director AUCOM attended MiA and together with the MDO, facilitated opportunities to expand the music performances into Glasgow for artistic collaborations in 2018. This included:

  • A panel discussion on ‘How can arts festivals provide a platform for local emerging musicians?’;
  • A Live Music Showcase from South Australian musicians Carla Lippis, Wanderers and MANE;
  • In 2019, Electric Fields and the Ukulele Death Squad will participate in collaborative song writing session in Glasgow prior to presenting shows in Edinburgh as part of MiA;  In addition, the Edinburgh International Book Festival late night program UNBOUND will feature our artists in a session about the collaborative work facilitated through the UNESCO networks.