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South Australia’s Multi-million Dollar Boost for School Music Education and Participation
South Australia’s commitment to enhancing music education receives a significant boost with the State Government’s announcement of a $7.5 million investment in school music programs over the next three years. The State Government of South Australia, the state in which Adelaide is the capital, is spearheading this initiative to enrich educational opportunities through music.
Adelaide City of Music applauds this vital increase in funding; with $2.5 million being allocated annually, this initiative aims to ensure every child and young person has access to quality music education from their early years.
The announcement comes on the heels of a new report, Setting the Tempo, a research initiative supported by Alberts | The Tony Foundation’s Music Education: Right from the Start and the South Australian Department for Education. The report highlights overwhelming support from teachers, with 97% agreeing that music improves students’ educational experience, and similar high percentages noting positive impacts on literacy, numeracy skills, and reduced stress and anxiety.
While the benefits of music learning are clear, the study also found that many teachers feel there is a need for better training, facilities, and resources. The extended investment will address these gaps by providing more musical instruments, additional training, and upskilling non-specialist teachers to become music educators.
Music education encompasses singing, playing instruments, song writing, and composing, and this initiative ensures it is an integral part of every student’s education journey.
In addition to this, the South Australian Government has announcement a further $54.6 million to expand the SA Sports Voucher Program to include music and double the number of vouchers available per child, starting January 2025. The highly successful Sports Voucher scheme provides $100 vouchers annually to children aged 5 to 15, helping cover the cost of sports or dance activities to promote physical activity and support local clubs.
The CEO of Carclew, one of South Australia’s leading multi-art form and cultural organisations dedicated to artistic outcomes by and for people aged 26 and under, Mimi Crowe, said the support would unlock new creative opportunities for children across South Australia, making music education more accessible than ever before.
“This expansion is a game-changer for music education and opportunity in South Australia. By including music in the Voucher Program, the government is making a statement about the importance of creativity and arts in child development,” she said.
“Following the recent Department for Education commitment of $7.5 million towards expanding music in schools, this initiative will provide countless opportunities for young people to discover the joy of music and realise their potential as creative individuals.”
Adelaide City of Music Ltd General Manager Joe Hay said such initiatives encourage participation, remove barriers, and enable a lifelong love of music. 
“The increase in funding will also provide a much-needed boost to the music community in a time of change and economic uncertainty,” he said.
The Adelaide City of Music office recognises the fundamental importance of music education, is a member of the state’s music education strategy round table, and is working on initiatives to enhance music education and participation, and connect to Adelaide to innovative education solutions and thinking globally through the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
Image Credit:  Office of the Hon Blair Boyer MP