Digital Sounds


Digital Sounds Motiv

…is a specialised conference for auditory design and experience.

It was established and organised by the state capital of Hannover (Project UNESCO City of Music), Hannover Region (Project “Hörregion Hannover”;“Hannover – the hearing region”) and hannoverimpuls GmbH in cooperation with CeBIT, the global event for digital business and worldwide known computer fair.

The first conference took place on Thursday, 20 October 2016 at the Schalterhalle (main hall) in the Anzeiger Building in Hannover. It was supported by the City of Music Hamamatsu. The conference was followed by a live performance and concert in the evening with Atom TM.

The conference focused on

  • General trends presented in keynote speeches.
  • Examples from practice presented by worldwide established companies.
  • Panel discussions on various topics provide an opportunity for exchange and development.


The name and concept Digital Sounds links sound design, acoustic listening, the music industry and the digital industry:

  • Sound design and the music industry cover a wide spectrum, e.g. sound technology and electronic music, software / apps, computer games and virtual reality (3D listening) through to acoustic brand management and sound branding.
  • Acoustic listening mainly comprises hearing acoustics and hearing health with digitally-aided acoustic perception. The focus will be placed on digitisation in these fields, since in the future they will be closely linked to the digital industry, as acoustic experiences are increasingly being generated digitally and acoustic listening supported digitally.
  • The interplay between man and machine in the sense of a digital transformation and the trends in digital sounds will be presented thematically.

Digital Sounds Conference

Well-known speakers and representatives from companies and institutions l presented trends and examples from practice at this first conference, including: 

  • the Lord Mayor of Hannover Stefan Schostok,
  • the Mayor of the City of Hamamatsu Mr Yasumoto Suzuki,
  • the President of Hannover Region, Hauke Jagau,
  • Prof. Dr. Alfred O. Effenberg (Leibniz University Hannover,  Department of Sports Sciences),
  • Dr. Andreas Sennheiser (Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co.KG, CEO),
  • Mousse T. (Founder of Peppermint Jam),
  • Toshifumi Kunimoto, Yamaha Fellow Research & Development Division),
  • Furthermore, presentations of local educational institutes took place

Experts from the UNESCO Cities of Music and a specialist audience from related industries took the possibility to discuss current trends and future developments together. Participants from the user sectors, music industry, digital industry, science and administration were able to network with the aim of initiating new projects and transfer of expertise. With this format, a major focus is being put on the special characteristics of Hannover and the unique features of the surrounding region in the field of acoustics.

At this year’s CebiT, which took place from 20th to 24th March, Digital Sounds was present at a panel discussion on Digitalisation in he Music Industry with well-known producer Mousse T. as well as in workshops by Pit Noack, an expert in the computer programme Sonic Pi – „the live coding music synth for everyone.“

An interview with Mousse T. can be found here.

Digital Sounds - Classic meets Electronica
In the evening with a concert with and by Damian Marhulets „Classic meets Electronica“.

In October 2019, a second conference will take place in Hannover.


Further information on the content:

Digitisation is affecting more and more areas of society – our lives, work and locations. Digital transformation is advancing rapidly. Production and distribution processes are now often fully digitised and more and more workflows are being managed digitally. Sounds are being used everywhere, acoustic experiences are generated digitally and acoustic listening digitally supported.

Sound design is applied in the field of sound technology and electronic music, in software / apps, computer games and virtual reality, as acoustic brand management and sound branding, in industrial contexts and as part of product design as well as in the media. The spectrum of topics covered by acoustic listening, meaning noise and sounds, ranges from hearing acoustics, through hearing health and even listening competence where digital devices and methods are increasingly being used.