“DESASSOSSEGO” debut exhibition in Leiria, Portugal


With their first exhibition in Portugal, Gianfranco Gallucci and Lucia Friedrich will present new works in Photography and Painting. With “Desassossego” Lucia and Gianfranco will show metaphorical and literal portraits of the meaning of the disquiet. As its foundation, beyond the individual experience of it’s meaning, Fernando Pessoa’s “Livro do Desassossego” acts as a fundamental reference, further contributing to the incorporation of the Portuguese culture and with it expanding, beyond the subjective context, the definition Desassossego carries. 

Intentionally choosing to create this exhibition as a duo, Lucia and Gianfranco will include two complementary media modalities (painting and photography) in order to execute their vision, expanding the visual language, and broaden the accessability spectrum of the complete body of work.


“We want to talk about the disquiet from its ambiguity. For one, as a physical expression, the disquiet doesn’t reveal itself as freely as other feelings do, fear, joy, anger,…there is an almost elegant subtlety to the surface, and beneath it, under the skin, it acts on the state of mind with strong force. Per definition associated with negative connotations such as unease, distress, concern, disturbance, discomposure, etc… its foundation carries at the same time the potential for transformation and change.

A messenger, quick to convey an instinctive reaction to a situation exposed to, or a settler, here to stay and act deeply on the state of mind it has taken over, as it is masterfully executed in Fernando Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet, which through its abundant display of the endless facettes of existential malaise reinforces the profoundness and enigmatic power behind the disquiet. The potential in discomfort captivates us, because it requires change. ”


Exhibition opening: 25 Feb – 20 April 2023

Centro Civico de Leiria
Cidade Criativa da Música
Rua Barão de Viamonte
2414-006 Leiria


(born 1981) italian independent photographer, has created projects around the world (Auschwitz, Serbia, Rome, Beirut, Paris, Japan, etc.) his body of work is strongly influenced by literature and philosophy dealing with humanitarian topics and contemporary issues.


(born 1994 in France) half german / croatian, currently focuses her research through painting on the body and the persona, through the individual as well as the collective and their mutual relationship.