Cultural Projects for Daegu Citizens


Daegu city works with private organizations through various special projects each month, committing itself to expanding the community’s rights to relish culture.

‘The Culture Day’ provides a range of cultural benefits on last Wednesday of every month to facilitate the community members to have easy access to culture in everyday life. People are able to have discounted or free entrance on the most of cultural facilities including theater, concert hall, museum, art gallery, and others. Also, some cultural facilities are open at night to help office workers use after work.

This had more people relish culture, while not incurring losses to cultural facilities, contributing greatly to engaging cultural facilities to join the movement repeatedly.

In addition, unused local spaces transform to ‘life culture centers’ to use them as a space for cultural art activity for people.

Integrated Culture Vouchers were issued to help the low-income community relish cultural art, travel and sports games, enhancing usability, which offered cultural benefits to 100,000 every year. Circulation programs – such as the ‘Culture Plaza Outreach’ and the ‘City with Flow of Melody’ – for the marginalized community allowed benefits for citizens, strengthening policy efforts to mitigate the gap in relishing culture among people.