Conversation with Music


With this interview, we witnessed once again the brotherhood of music and the common language of humanity. Scottish Paul Dwyer, who has been in our country for more than 30 years, travels all over Turkey and sings, plays and sings Anatolian Folk Songs. In addition, Baglama master instrumentalist and singer Çetin Akdeniz accompanied Paul in both songs and conversation in this musical conversation. They answered the questions of the audience. The event was held by Ahiler Development Agency which institution is also member of our UNESCO Action Plan executive committee. Public showed great interest to them and since the event was held free of charge in a central location, all groups in the province had the opportunity to access this cultural activity.

The unique works of the musicians who participated in the event as speakers gave the listeners a new perspective on both the local music values of Kirsehir and the power of music universally.

The event was held under the coordination of Ahiler Development Agency, with the contributions of public, private sector and non-governmental organizations in the province, especially Kirsehir Municipality, and brought all institutions together with the focus of music.

Paul’s being a guest at this event in Kirsehir and sharing her experiences in other UCCN music cities where he performed he art strengthened the international cooperation. His story has been a source of inspiration for creators and professionals in the province.