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The City of Vranje is an administrative, economic, health, educational and cultural centre of Pčinja district in the south of Serbia, Europe. According to the 2011 census results, 83524 inhabitants live within the city’s territory.

Vranje, located on Corridor 10, is a well-known industrial town, with a great tradition in wood processing, textile, shoes manufacturing, metal, tobacco and food industry. Many foreign investors are already doing business in Vranje, especially in Free zone area.

The City of Vranje is just 347 km away from Belgrade – the capital of Serbia and 300km away from the second-largest city in Greece – Thessaloniki.

The first written evidence about Vranje dates from 1093. Located on the “cross road of space and time”, Vranje was under influences of many civilizations. Almost 1000 years of history and tradition shaped the city`s cultural and social environment, with a special emphasis on richness of heritage and peaceful coexistence of different ethnic communities.  The City of Vranje is a birthplace of a famous Serbian writer Borisav Bora Stanković.

Specific music expression reflects deep sensitivity, feelings and temperament of people living in this area.Vranje song (“Vranjska gradska pesma”) is on the list of immaterial cultural heritage of the Republic of Serbia.Trumpet players from Vranje (mostly Roma people) won many competition and festival awards (the most known is Guča – Western Serbia). The City of Vranje also cherishes the value and importance of classical music. The Piano Summer festival has become a relevant international event, organized in this part of Serbia. Music is not just a part of the heritage, it is an important tourist offer component, it connects people, promotes best values.

In Vranje, the theatre “Bora Stankovic” is one of the oldest theatres in Serbia, where many events are hosted.“Bora`s Theatre Days” gathers the most eminent artists and theatre ensembles.

Vranje is a host to an important documentary film festival “Document”, while a School of animated film “SAF” is widely known throughout Europe and other world countries and it has been awarded many times. 

Preservation and valorization of the great cultural heritage is an important local government development policy component. Development vision is based on integration processes and modernization. Vranje is an open, modern city, with numerous domestic and foreign tourists and the city that has established long-term cooperation with local communities within Serbia and abroad.

One of the most beautiful sayings dedicated to Vranje is stated by Ćamil Sijarić, a writer and a student of Gymnasium “Bora Stankovic” Vranje:

“May one who comes to Vranje save one’s soul from melting, for there is something in this city not for eyes to be seen, not for hands to be reached and not for a common sense, yet it is just for a heart and a soul which, here, one should take care of…”


Zorica Jovic, Deputy Mayor, Vranje City Council
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