UNESCO City of Music

since 2019

Valparaíso, the highest heritage city in Chile, is a long-standing commune that was never founded. Always occupied as an improvised dock by the natives, after the European arrival it became one of the most important cities in Latin America given its port status. Today it is the regional capital in whose surroundings you will find magnificent attractions such as valleys, vineyards, mountains and beautiful beaches.

With a vibrant culture in its 42 hills, the nights of Valparaiso keep the secret of one of the most active bohemian cities in Chile. Tradition and modernity in one place, typical parties and the friendliness of the Valparaiso inhabitants make this city a unique experience.

Its privileged mild climate allows you to enjoy its nature and architecture throughout the year. Its scales and viewpoints are beautiful windows to the past and the future, where its people and lifestyle can be seen in detail.

Valparaíso is the seat of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage with a population of 300 thousand people, but is part of an urban nucleus of more than 1 million inhabitants. His history kept him connected to cultural and technological advances, positioning himself as a pole of innovation and entrepreneurship at the national level.

Its historic center was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, as an exceptional testimony of the early stages of globalization. Valparaíso is a university city, where approximately 120,000 people attend undergraduate and graduate studies in the 10 higher education establishments that make it, the city with the highest university activity in the country in relation to its population, generating a framework of national cooperation and international available to the city and the network of creative cities.

In the last 2 decades, Valparaíso has proposed the path of sustainable development, to ease a long process of stagnation and the high unemployment rates that characterize it, taking advantage of its main assets: a privileged geographical position, a unique material heritage and especially its community, resilient, creative and entrepreneurial; which today seeks to consolidate itself as a Musical City.

The musical culture resonates in the hills with a large organization of carnival parades and popular carnivals. In its natural amphitheater given by its “crazy” geography, a multitude of musical artists see the inspiration for their creations in the old port. Music resonates in streets, corners and staircases daily, bouncing between echoes from the hills, since its origins.

The city’s growth at a creative level in recent decades has given rise to countless musical events that take place on weekends in bars and local stages. Highlights include the great Rockodromo musical event, a great festival of bands and soloists, consecrated and emerging, that converge on three large stages, bringing together thousands of national, international tourists, in addition to inhabitants of Valparaiso. A sample of the musical culture that Valparaíso, the jewel of the pacific of the 21st century, cultivates and sows from the Port to the world.


Manuela Gomezjurado Moreno
Valparaiso UNESCO City of Music
Directorate of Cultural Development
Municipality of Valparaiso
Condell 1490
2340000 Valparaiso