UNESCO City of Music

since 2021

Kharkiv is the major scientific and cultural center of Ukraine, with youth being the driving force and the ambassador of music and creativity in the city. The philosophy of our city is the synergy of creative, spiritual potential together with the economic component. Creativity is seen as the driving force of culture and the main purpose of its formation.

How does Kharkiv sound?  Kharkiv and its citizens adore music so much that it pervades official events and youth initiatives, performances by musicians with world-famous names and performances by street culture representatives. Kharkiv is one of the fastest growing cities in Ukraine.

Our city is unique in its multicultural heritage, has rich folk music traditions. Kharkiv is famous for its orchestras, the brightest representative of which is the extremely popular first private orchestra Prime Orchestra, the founder of a new kind of symphony show, combining all modern music directions and the classical symphony. Prime Orchestra is the music ambassador of modern Kharkiv and represents the city worldwide.

In 2020, 2021, the city holds the Creative IndustriesFestival “Creative Kharkiv”, which aims to create a single platform and cross-sectoral support for all participants in the creative industries sector in the city. The festival brings together theater, music, IT, artists, sculptors, singers and all other creative people in one place. It creates conditions for the mentioned to share experience and knowledge. This festival creates new cross-sectoral projects, such as augmented reality galleries, or online concerts with augmented reality effects.

As a creative city Kharkiv proposes:

– Creation and sustainable work of the creative industries cluster as a permanent platform for interaction among business, science, investors with representatives of creative industries of the city. The main goals are: to unite the best world practices in the field of creative industries into a single ecosystem; to promote investment to support projects in the field of creative industries; to form the positive image of the city of Kharkiv; to discover, support, develop young talented artists in the field of creative industries; to foster the development of representatives of creative industries by uniting different members in a cluster system. This will provide an opportunity to create a cohesive community, to facilitate mutual learning and exchange of experiences, to provide opportunities for integration and cross-sectoral projects among cluster members. It also stipulates for the creation of educational programs, carrying out educational courses,cultural hubs with use of modern world tendencieson a regular basis.

– Holding a series of festivals and forums aimed at forming and developing the city’s creative industries sector, namely holding an annual international city music festival, creating social music and educational projects, provision of access to music education for a widercommunity, developing ethnic and contemporary national music in city.

– Creation of conditions and platforms in city parks, squares for musicians, the purpose of which is to stimulate the development of unique musical content, which has territorial and ethnic special features. Creating music that would characterize a certain city and will be associated with it and reveal its philosophy.

Creation of an international music festival, with the aim to promote the goals of the network, contribute to international cooperation, expand access for citizens and all those interested in the creative sphere, to promote the idea of gender equality. It is planned to involve network partner cities in the festival. This event will become a kind of keystone of creativity. The participants of the event will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge, skills, present themselves and gain new contacts in the international and local professional environment.


Marina Slobozhan