UNESCO City of Music

since 2021

Huancayo is located in the centre of Peru, 3200 meters above sea level. It is known as the ‘Trade Fair Capital’ of the country, and according to a population research carried out by the Catholic University of Peru, it is considered ‘Peru’s Happiest City’ owning to the convergence of festivals and job satisfaction that are part of its residents’ everyday life. This festive spirit draws on a long historical tradition of the feasts and music resulting from several cultures coming together. Huancayo is a city of musicians, and the cradle of several, widely diverse musical genres, some of which have even transcended the country’s borders, such as chicha, huayno, or huaylarsh. Moreover, Huancayo hosts a musical cluster where several actors gather and offer goods and services to the different music genres. During the high season, the space known as ‘Inmaculada Park’ becomes a place where musicians from further afield flock to the city to offer their services. Similarly, people from other Peruvian cities visit this venue to engage musicians. In addition, other creative fields are also successful in Huancayo, such as film-making, photography, and the publishing industry. Moreover, the city has several intangible components recognized by the Peruvian State as Cultural Heritage of the Nation, including some traditional musical instruments.

As a Creative City of Music, the following steps will be important:

Developing public policies for the music sector including a proposal for a post-COVID reactivation, with a proposed investment for cultural public infrastructure;
Ensuring the population’s access to the cultural public infrastructure, and also better conditions for the musicians;
Offering professionalization platforms through the creation of the Professional Music Career, and management backstopping by the Municipality; and
Ensuring exchanges with other member cities of the Network by enhancing existing cooperation and exchange programmes in the Network with new events and activities.