Music Projects


Llíria project

Llíria is on the search for the best orchestra conductor in the world through a solidarity competition together with other three cities from the UNESCO Network

Llíria project

Llíria City of Music International Orchestra Conducting Competition

Llíria project

17 SDGs, 17 VISIONS: Sustainability on World Art Day

Llíria project | 19 Mar 2021

Llíria And Praia, Creative Cities of Music, build closer cultural ties

Llíria project

Llíria celebrates it’s first year as a creative city

Llíria project | 26 Oct 2020

Artists and creators from the UNESCO Creative Cities in Spain will discuss solutions on cultural industry

Llíria project | 26 Mar 2020

Windows of Music and Hope: let Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 play

Llíria project

Valencian musical success through the “Festival de los Balcones”