Beethoven 250

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On December 17, 2020 we will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven.

This outstanding composer, one of the most important in the history of Western music, has been inspiring creators and artists around the world for more than two centuries. The work he left for posterity could be described in the words of Richard Wagner, included in his analysis of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: “Rape, resistance, noble spirits, longings, hopes, approaching a long-desired goal and losing it again, new trials, new fights…”

Under normal circumstances, this round anniversary would certainly be celebrated sumptuously in all cities of music. This special year, meeting at a concert seems out of reach for many of us. We believe that listeners lack contact with music from other parts of the world, which is why the Cities of Music have organised this international musical feast. 

Starting 10.00 CEST, a special broadcast will start on the UNESCO Cities of Music Facebook page and the Music Export Poland YouTube channel.

The viewers will have the opportunity to see a program created jointly by 15 cities from five different continents. At the same time, the project is a component of the WeRculture global campaign through which we want to stress the importance of values such as respect and responsibility in times of global crisis.

The event will also be an act of solidarity with artists who have lost most of their sources of income due to the restrictions introduced in the fight against the Coronavirus. 

The difficult situation of the music industry is already a fact, so on this special day we make sure that all the performers are rewarded and the additional profits from the event are transferred to the battle against the virus that prevents us from meeting. 

The purpose of the event is to serve as an act of solidarity of artists with the audience staying at homes, but also of cities and audiences with artists who have not only lost their main source of income but, above all, do not have the opportunity to share their music and interact with their listeners, which is undoubtedly a driving force for further creation for many of them.


City, Country CEST
Auckland, New Zealand 1000
Adelaide, Australia 1043
Daegu, South Korea 1052
Chennai, India 1135
Kazan, Russia 1154
Katowice, Poland 1230
Norrkopping, Sweden 1304
Pesaro, Italy 1338
Hannover, Germany 1357
Mannheim, Germany 1534
Metz, France 1535
Llíra, Spain 1618
Idanha-A-Nova, Portugal 1738
Leira, Portugal 1745
Bogota, Columbia 1838