Adelaide’s Pride: Electric Fields at Eurovision 2024


Adelaide City of Music is a hotbed of musical talent, nurturing generations of authentic and compelling voices that continue to captivate audiences worldwide.¬†While household names like Cold Chisel, Orianthi, and the incomparable Sia form Adelaide’s contemporary musical legacy, it’s a continual emergence of talent that refreshes and enables Adelaide to remain competitive on the world stage.

Electric Fields, a remarkable Adelaide duo is poised to make a significant impact on the world stage representing Australia at Eurovision 2024. To many Australians who have seen Electric Fields perform on X Factor or at festivals like the Mardi Gras, Vivid, and WOMADelaide, vocalist Zaachariaha Fielding and keyboardist and producer Michael Ross stand as beacons of innovation and inclusivity, representing the epitome of contemporary Australian music and culture. From their infectious and fun pop melodies to their soul-stirring electronic compositions infused with the traditional language of Zaachariaha’s Anangu Pitjantjajara Yankuntjatjara people, they symbolise the essence of modern Australian identity.

Their upcoming performance, representing Australia at Eurovision 2024 is a testament to their artistry and the universal language of music. By incorporating First Nations languages into contemporary music, Electric Fields celebrates their cultural heritage and paves the way for greater recognition and appreciation of diversity and indigenous cultures globally.

As we eagerly await their performance on the Eurovision stage, we would encourage everyone to embrace the message of love, acceptance, and unity that Electric Fields embodies. They are not just musicians but ambassadors of hope, bridging divides and fostering understanding through the power of their music.

In the spirit of UNESCO’s belief that mutual understanding and respect for cultural diversity are essential for building sustainable societies, we’d encourage you to witness and celebrate Electric Fields on the Eurovision 2024 stage. To see first hand, the incredible talent from Adelaide City of Music.

Since the rules mean that the Australian jury member and public can’t vote for Electric Fields, we need YOUR support abroad. Spread the word to friends and family and help us WIN!¬† For voting details, visit the official Eurovision website.

For now, you can start listening to all the 2024 artists via their official music videos on the Eurovision Song Contest website: