Adelaide’s Street Come Alive with Music to Raise Awareness for Mental Health


With a growing list of complicated social and economic issues affecting the world, it’s heartening when an individual can draw on the well of creativity and their talents to do something simple to raise awareness or help others in their community.

In an inspiring and personal act, Adelaide musician, Benjamin Roberts embarked on an incredible journey throughout 2024. His mission? To perform on every street in the Adelaide CBD and bring his message to all.

Connecting directly with the physical fabric of his hometown, Benjamin’s journey aims to raise awareness and break down the stigma surrounding mental health. With each performance, Benjamin aims to spark conversations and raise vital funds for charities supporting individuals facing mental health challenges. 

Benjamin’s efforts prove that everyone has the power to make a difference in their communities, in their own unique way.

Adelaide City of Music is proud to share Benjamin’s efforts with the Network, it reminds us that solutions to complicated issues can start at a human, individual level, and that sometimes it’s the simple ideas that cut through and have the greatest effect.

For more on Ben’s journey, check out this article from One of Adelaide’s premier culture magazines:

577 performances around the city for mental health – CityMag (

If you would like to donate to Ben’s cause, please visit:

Fundraiser by Benjamin Roberts : Help Ben Perform on 577 Streets for Mental Health (