Abidar Forest Park


Performing musical theater and music at the tourism development ceremony in Abidar Forest Park

Tourism development is one of the important requirements to achieve sustainable development in Sanandaj city. To this purpose, the municipality and the other executive organizations have devised some plans to achieve the goal of sustainable development. Equipping the promenades with entertainment equipment is in this line.

One of the important projects in this regard was designing and opening the ZipLine and Suspension bridge at the Abidar Jungle park, a State park which is one of the tourism places in Sanandaj. The equipment was unveiled during a special ceremony, different cultural and artistic programs have been done in the ceremony, such as musical theatre, music concert, and poetry reading. The mayor, city council members, the governor of Kurdistan province, and the governor of Solemainie province from Iraq Country as well as different participants from public and private sectors were in attendance. 

The policies for tourist attraction in Sanandaj city are based on providing cultural events; art and creativity. Thus, presenting cultural and artistic programs is one of the basic parts of any ceremonies performed in Sanandaj.