The Brumley Project


  • The House of Songs is a program that invites songwriters from around the world to collaborate through an intensive residency in a house in Adelaide’s Sister City, Austin Texas.
  • The MDO supported South Australian musicians Dan Crannitch, Taasha Coates (ex The Audreys) and Kelly Menhennett to spend time in the House of Songs collaborating with Texas-based artists.
  • The musicians were granted exclusive access to unfinished material by renowned songwriter Albert E Brumley, who wrote ‘I’ll Fly Away’ (the most recorded gospel song of all time).
  • Granddaughter Betsy Brumley, presented the artists with a suitcase full of half-written songs and love-letters for them to transform into new songs, making them the last living co-writers of Albert E Brumley.
  • The project was documented by local film producers Closer Productions, and the film, Brumley’s Suitcase premiered at the 2017 Adelaide Film Festival.
  • In October 2017, the Austin artists travelled to Adelaide and more co-writing took place in the song-writing rooms at St Paul’s Creative Centre.
  • Connections between Adelaide artists and the House of Songs continue to be developed.